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Sunbather beware

Morro Bay



  Regarding Cambria Grant’s letter (“The solution is overdue,” Dec. 18),  I have a hard time working up much sympathy for someone who goes to an off highway vehicle area, lies on the sand reading a book, then blames the OHV user for her injury. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that an OHV area can be hazardous to one’s health and safety. Even more so when someone is not paying attention to their surroundings.  Where is her accepting responsibility for her own safety?

  California has more than 800 miles of coastline.  Vehicle use is prohibited on all but the approximately 1% of that coast line that makes up the Oceano Dunes OHV area.  A few miles north or south and the writer would have been safe from vehicular traffic.


-- John Gajdos - Morro Bay

-- John Gajdos - Morro Bay

-- John Gajdos - Morro Bay

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