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Support Prado extension, support emergency response

San Luis Obispo



San Luis Ambulance provides emergency ambulance service to the City of San Luis Obispo. Our paramedic ambulances respond with the San Luis Obispo Fire Department to more than 3,200 emergency calls in the city annually. Given the emergent nature of a significant number of these calls for assistance, it is imperative that we respond in a timely manner.

The passage of Measure H would remove the possibility of constructing an important third connection between South Higuera and Broad Streets, exacerbating the often difficult traffic congestion in the parts of the city accessed by these traffic corridors. As the volume of traffic on these streets increases, the potential to affect response times to the southern and eastern areas of the city will also increase. The extending of Prado Road can only improve emergency response by reducing traffic congestion and providing a more direct route to certain areas within the city.

Please join me in supporting the Prado Road extension project by voting no on Measure H.

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