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Surely Cambria’s magnificent coastline and simple beauty have benefited greatly over the decades from the considered oversight and careful protections afforded by the Coastal Commission. Yet when Cambria wishes to flex some provincial


I’d like the town of Los Osos to thank three local people for guiding the new 17,000-square-foot skate park location. When there was an opportunity to move it across the street to the sewer park location, they unanimously opposed it.

Pandora Nash-Karner as park commissioner could have implemented a mitigation measure to use the empty acre at the back of the park. Instead, the skate park doubled in size, to become the largest skate park facility in the entire county, and the only place to put it became the nicest part of our park. It’s all gone now, trees and grass. The cement will be coming in the next months. Thank you Pandora Nash-Karner, Jan Di Leo (County Parks & Rec), and Terry Benko (Los Osos Fitness Center). The same women that advocate a sewer in the middle of town? It makes you wonder about their “dream.�

What’s wrong with their community vision? It’s a nightmare to most of us.


Linde Owen

Los Osos

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