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Take my local leaders--please!

Arroyo Grande



New Times has been sort of harsh on Supervisor Teixeira of late, but as one of his constituents, I have to say it’s deserved. Yes, he’s a somewhat likable stooge, but I’m not sure yet who owns him.

Why this worries me as a rural Arroyo Grande resident is because there are a lot of potentially devastating projects coming our way in South County, and it seems like the Pismo Beach City Council is made up of a lot less likable stooges.

Take Councilman Ted Ehring: When not snoozing through council meetings, he pimps for the Excelaron oil project in Huasna!

Take Councilman Ed Waage: When not denying science and rules that will protect us from pollution, he’s pushing to bust open Price Canyon for development. And now he wants to be a county supervisor! Save us!

Take the two ladies who are or have been mayor. One is a Realtor and the other is, well, a cutesy puppet for her city manager. I can’t even remember the final member of the council.

But please, take them all, take them away, take away all the South County electeds who will not stand up and clearly tell us that they will fight for us, the residents—not for the developers and the oil speculators and the dunes riders from the Central Valley.

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