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Talk about L.A. drivers!




We’ve all been to L.A. at some point: 75 mph to a full stop, freeway traffic, cars everywhere. Recently, while heading to L.A., my eyes were opened. Just north of Santa Maria, traveling at 75 mph in the left lane with a car in the right lane two car lengths ahead, two large pickups came up on my rear.

The first passed on the right, but got stuck behind the vehicle in the right lane; the second big “blue” pickup passed with nowhere to go, I thought. Immediately on the rear of the other, he cut in front of me, missing my front end by inches. I gave a disapproving wave (not even the bird), and he sped on to get caught again by traffic a quarter of a mile ahead.

Minutes later, he cut to the right in front of a semi, then onto the Donovan Street exit into Santa Maria. Halfway up the exit, the JA slammed on the brakes, head out the window, and glared at me as I traveled on.

A few minutes later, a young girl in a large pickup jammed onto the freeway onto my bumper, and attempted the same maneuver, all at 75 mph.

In L.A., the drivers drove fast, but much more safely. I found two things interesting: very few large pickups, and everyone’s car was washed—even the older ones.

Ever been stuck in an event parking lot and been pushed out by someone? Think back: How many were large vehicles? You AHs need to remember, you too will pay a deductible, possibly get injured or jailed, and if you pull this crap in the wrong part of L.A., you may find yourself, well, you know.

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