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Tea Party fights taxes

Baywood Park



Phillip Ruggles has it all backwards (“Naysayers want America to fail,” Feb. 11). It was only a matter of time until somebody would blast Sarah Palin for writing notes on her hand, something many of us have done. Mr. Ruggles, in the typical fashion of neo libs, does not debate the issues so he makes a personal attack. The truth is the richest people and those who run the corporations in the U.S. are not conservatives. Try the political left robber barons, among them George Soros, micro software/computer industries, and other liberal socialist politicos who made their riches by stealing from their constituents or from businesses they ruined on purpose.

These acidic robbers wrongly blame Republicans. Consistently. The liberal socialists run fierce lying campaigns and are idolized by their ignorant followers, who are too busy worshiping them to question. Ruggles needs to do some homework and bring the issues to the discussion, not childish name calling. He does not understand the concept of saying no to loss of freedom, high taxation, and socialism. The Tea Party movement wants people to be free and have jobs, and business to thrive, contrary to Ruggles’ false perceptions.

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