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Thanks a million, George!


Thank you, George W. Bush.

When I was a young man, I was so overly concerned with the safety of the world with regard to nuclear weapons and the destruction of all mankind I thought I would never live to see adult life.

Now that I have reached adulthood and have children of my own, gone are the comfortable times of my youth when I had finally grown out of the fear of nuclear destruction. All has been replaced now by fear that my own children will never see their teenage years, much less adult life.

I thank George W. Bush for creating the least safe environment in the history of the United States.

Thank you, George W. Bush, for making America a joke to all foreign nations.

Thank you, George W. Bush, for placing higher importance on corporate dividends than human lives.

Thank you, George W. Bush, for creating a massive panic and hysteria over issues such as gay marriage, blindsiding the public while you dump more toxic waste into our environment than ever before.

Thank you, George W. Bush, because sometimes I think I have not done enough as a human being to help my fellow neighbors. Then I look at you and think, “At least I am not him.�

Thanks for making me feel better about myself because I am not like you and your hatemongers.

James G. Prostovich


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