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Thanks for exploring, dreaming, and discovering with us

Grover Beach



We would like to thank Ashley Schwellenbach for including us in the second installment of Box City. Special thanks to Aaron Steed, the owner of Meathead Movers, for hosting such a unique and positive community event.

We know that these free Box City events took careful planning and organization efforts, which must be commended. We were disappointed to find that the third Box City Event was canceled, and hope that this is something that will resume in the future.

If you missed Box City One and Two, then you really missed an exciting, eclectic, and completely original evening of entertainment and discovery. For us, as an interactive science center in the South County, we were able to reach an entirely new audience of people who were interested in what we have to offer.

We also came up with new interactive science exhibits for our Box City installation that we will be presenting at our center in the future.

Thank you, Claude Hartman, for the creation, vision, and construction of our installation that appealed to children and adults of all ages. We’d also like to thank Deborah Love, Tanja Kehler, and Lana Rozvadofsky who helped with the set-up. Thank you Clarice, Les, and Charnelle Henderson for hosting our truck at the event and for helping us break down the installation. Thanks also to our in-house volunteers Roger Feldtmose and Ellen Wood for your support.

“Explore, Dream, and Discover” is our motto, and we are encouraged to see so many people in our community doing just that!

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