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That 'Q&A' was an assault on God-given gun rights




On Jan. 17, I also attended the Democratic Club anti-gun meeting in Atascadero. My true and accurate account of that very unpleasant rant by the rude and arrogant speakers is quite unlike the biased and failed memory of a David Broadwater, who resorted to name calling (“Gun-rights hooligans,” Tribune, Jan. 21), spewing an attack against the good, honest, vigilant gun owners, calling us “hooligans.”

That supposed “meeting” was advertised for at least a week in the Tribune and on radio. Yet literally, at the very last minute, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s surrogate speaker, Sarah Moffat, was a no show. The reason was, as the crowd was told, she did not want to speak to the media.

Fact is, KSBY didn’t show up until late into the meeting.

This meeting, as advertised, was to be a Q&A forum. What it turned out to be was nothing more than an assault on our God-given Second Amendment rights. Each and every time one of at least 50 pro-gun persons would try to speak, they were told to just shut up! The Democrats that were running the so-called Q&A spewed their anti-gun unwanted speeches, but would not let anyone else give positive input to the pro-gun agenda.

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