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The affordable housing myth

Stop suing to halt housing development or stop whining about housing affordability


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Wake up, lefties! Affordable housing doesn't exist in the city of San Luis Obispo and, unless something catastrophic occurs, it never will. So just get used to it and cut the whining.

Lets look at the facts: SLO is the last best place to live in California. Beautiful coastline and beaches. Low crime. A great university right in town. Easy access to everything. A climate second to none. Why wouldn't most of the millions living in Southern California and the Central Valley want to move here? The answer to that question is easy ... they do.

Then read the recent New Times story about the Avila Ranch project ("Neighborhood coalition hits SLO and Avila Ranch with lawsuit," Oct. 26) wherein those living near this proposed 720-home project banded together and sued to stop the project on the grounds that "the city failed to address several of the project's environmental impacts." Now we'd all have to agree that adding 720 homes to the inventory would help with the supply/demand balance, but don't expect it to happen anytime soon ... if at all.

One only needs to look at our county's history (failed Walmart in Atascadero, failed Dalidio Ranch project in the city of SLO to name but two) to see how slow-growth advocates and their quality-of-life partners do all they can, from protesting to litigation, to interfering with housing development. It's all legal, of course, but an obvious show of force and wealth by those lefties (we know most residents in SLO city are lefties) who have achieved the SLO dream versus those lefties who can only hope to experience it. Sorry guys, but you can't blame this one on Trump.

And let's not forget the economic benefit of slow growth. Yes, the selfish, ugly, nasty dollars that accrue to those homeowners getting in the way of the dreams of many. For example, let's say you're a homeowner of the average home in San Luis Obispo with a value of $750,000. If the value of your home goes up, due to the lack of supply, 8 percent this year, your net worth just increased by $60,000 and all you had to do was mow your lawn. And does anyone really believe this financial benefit is not a factor in these homeowners' supposed, well-intentioned, altruistic motives expressed as, "Growth should not come at the expense of compromised health and safety for existing neighborhoods"?

So wish as you may that affordable housing is achievable ... is just around the corner ... is coming soon through the insight and force of your government ... and you'll still be renting or home-sharing or living with your parents well into the foreseeable future. Instead, why not deal with a dose of reality (lefties have trouble with this) and either move to an affordable community (i.e. Shandon, Fresno, Arizona, Texas, etc.) or turn your education, drive, and energy into the savings and earnings necessary to afford to live in this community. It's totally your choice, but please stop whining. Δ

Gary Wechter is a proud Trump-supporting conservative from Arroyo Grande. Send comments through the editor at [email protected].


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