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The banking crisis hits home

San Luis Obispo



I have to say that I am disgusted with banks. Long story short: My husband and I could lose our home and much that we have worked for because of the banking crisis. My husband has a client who stopped paying him for work that was completed, because his bank froze his credit line. Now the client has the project on the market, which isn’t selling anytime fast. In the meantime we can no longer keep up with our bills yet the creditors keep calling. So how is it that taxpayers bail out the banks yet the banks raise APRs to usury rates and still expect payments when they froze the credit lines of people who others are relying on in order to pay? My husband’s client had great credit. It is simply backward and wrong: The banks are double dipping and making “bank” from others’ hard work. There should be no more giveaways to the big corporate banks while the little guy sinks.

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