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The Bayside Café needs to stay where it is



Recent months have revealed peril placed upon the existence of the Bayside Café, located in the marina of Morro Bay State Park, one of the favorite eating places in Morro Bay. At present, there is no acceptable solution in sight.

As I understand it, the cause of this peril is manipulations undertaken by the state and the elected officials of Morro Bay, first by the state not reviewing the lease agreement for more than 30 years, and then by the city opting for the rights to control the lease arrangement in return for dredging, using the control of the lease arrangements as a bargaining chip between state and city.

It is time for all the state and local politicians to step up and make this right to Dawn Borst, and to the loyal patrons of the Bayside Café.

I implore all of you to put this threatened bidding process to rest by grandfathering the lease for the Bayside Café to Dawn Borst in recognition of her 30 years of building this business from a small shack to one of the favorite restaurants on the Central Coast.

It seems only fair that this small accommodation be made for someone who has poured her sweat and effort into building this business and who had no hand whatsoever in placing the Bayside Café in the position of being collateral damage due to political dealings.

To open the proposed bidding process without giving the Bayside Café the first right of refusal is simply just wrong!

It is inconceivable to me that this grandfathering of the lease has not already happened, and I believe that when it does, it should also be offered with a heartfelt apology to the owners and employees of the Bayside Café, who have suffered through the travesty of short-sightedness by our elected officials.

It is just as inconceivable to me that anyone would ever cast another vote to elect or re-elect anyone who has allowed this matter to remain unresolved in favor of the Bayside Café.

-- Michael J. O'Connell - Morro Bay

-- Michael J. O'Connell - Morro Bay

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