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The best political resume for Congress



For too long, the Central Coast has been represented in Congress by Lois Capps. During this time, there has been a bias toward Santa Barbara and neglect toward the needs of rural Santa Barbara County, Northern Santa Barbara County, and SLO County.

Voters in our district now have an opportunity to reimagine our voice in Washington, D.C., by electing Katcho Achadjian to Congress.

As a longtime Central Coast resident and small-business owner, I’ve observed Katcho’s work. His years on the SLO County Board of Supervisors and in the state Assembly have prepared him well for Congress.

Katcho has always been fiscally conservative and socially responsible. He’s a strong advocate for local control over budgets and policy and understands how state or federal policies rarely apply on a local level. I’d expect him to wrestle back funding that can be applied by local governments.

Katcho is the only candidate with the experience to understand issues that face the Central Coast. This election shouldn’t be determined by partisan politics, Republican vs. Democrat. If voters take to the polls as one would look at hiring the best person for the job, Katcho is the candidate of choice.

-- Victor Lund - San Luis Obispo

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