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The county needs to join 3CE

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The majority of the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors should not be looking for ways to keep Diablo Canyon Power Plant operating beyond the decommissioning dates that are set in the joint proposal of 2016. PG&E has stated that challenging policies and market conditions led to its decision to close the plant in August of 2025.

The energy produced by Diablo Canyon Power Plant is above market pricing, and PG&E has applied to the California Public Utilities Commission for permission to again raise its rates for customers.

With more renewables coming online, there is a declining need for energy from Diablo.

Every city in SLO County has decided to make Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) available as the energy supplier to its residents. But this same majority on the Board of Supervisors refuses to do the same for unincorporated areas.

This is backward thinking. The board should make 3CE available to all residents in the county. Anyone preferring to remain a PG&E customer can opt out of the cleaner option offered by 3CE.

Marty Brown



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