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The D.A.'s office should lend a hand

San Luis Obispo



I read, with disbelief, about the possibility of Dan DeVaul going to jail as a result of prosecution by the District Attorney’s office (“DeVaul faces charges over code citations,” June 5).

Sunny Acres, provided by Mr. DeVaul, has been the home to many unfortunate and troubled people whom the county has ignored. The District Attorney’s office claims the purpose of the prosecution is to protect the health and safety of the people living on Mr. DeVaul’s property. The real fact is that before Mr. DeVaul’s clean and sober facility existed, these homeless folks lived on the creek in downtown SLO, not a very “healthy and safe” living situation.

May I suggest that the D.A.’s office focus on helping Dan DeVaul to continue operating Sunny Acres, as he has asked many times, rather than persecuting him—a man with a heart, good conscience, and passionate sense of community service.

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