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The development proposed near Monterey Street is a danger to students


I wish to bring to your attention the Sept. 17 Architectural Review Commission hearing, when a proposed affordable housing development was discussed.

The project as proposed is five stories and 106 units of housing located at the corner of Monterey Street and California Boulevard. This is a tight intersection and the northern access to San Luis Obispo High School. It is also the gateway to our town and utilized by many commuters from the north traveling on U.S. 101.

I feel this project should be a concern for the San Luis Coastal Unified School Distirct and SLO High School as it will aggravate an already dangerous intersection for students arriving to school via foot, bicycle, and auto. This intersection already quite often backs up over Mill Street in the morning.

This intersection also is congested every work day during the evening commute.

This is a HASLO (Housing Authority of SLO) project and as such, everyone I have spoken with says that it is a done deal: "HASLO gets whatever they want." Maybe. Low-income housing and senior housing are good things, but that does not mean this project needs to be 106 units and five stories tall, with exceptions requested for maximum height setbacks.

If the city allows this project to proceed as proposed, I feel it is acquiescing its duty to protect the best interests of our community.

Sara West

San Luis Obispo

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