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The health of Paso's water basin is important



I am curious about the proposed Paso Robles Water District and the recent election. The election seems to be seen as a rejection of such a district, but is it possible that it was the form of the district that was rejected? The structure seemed to put the balance of power in the hands of growers rather than residents. Would a district with one vote per person have been more acceptable, or was it simply the cost of the district that people objected to? 

It is hard to believe that people don’t want some form of management, but I can see that the cost could be an issue. I think I saw something about $1 million per year. That seems like a lot. Would it be charged on a water use basis or by some other method? I admit to not knowing much about this, but it seems like now people are saying that the only option is to let the state handle it. Would the state charge the county or the property owners? There seem to be a lot of questions. I am not directly involved in this, but I think the health of the basin is important to all of us.

-- Bob Dignan - San Luis Obispo

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