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The media doesn't understand business



When it comes to business, most journalists and commentators are like eunuchs in a whorehouse—they observe not knowing what it is really like. They may be informed, like an MBA graduate without any experience where the application is the true learning.

Their opinions about business matters are narrow subjective views. They have never had the experience of doing, except for a few who have been in business.

They do not know and understand the issues of business, market competition, the raising and management of capital, product enhancement and development, personnel and hard asset resources. They are not able to identify with the exigent realities to assure positive cash flows, profits, to avoid loss, and the hard legal consequences of bankruptcy.

Where the extensive media, TV and press, compete for the storylines on commercial matters, they are not able to comprehend the issues of business, its risks, its doings.

This is especially so today for those writing in a political context on Trump and the many successful business executives joining his administration.

The reader should be wary in believing them, to be very skeptical of their ramblings since their assessments are like fabricated play lines of a script that entertain instead of providing factual substance that edifies the reader.

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