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The Montebello needs attention

San Luis Obispo



Thank you for having the courage to inform the community of this inevitable problem that we must acknowledge and quickly solve (“Taking Watch on the Montebello,” July 17, 2008). I share Talley’s frustration in that no one will take this problem seriously and do anything proactive about it. It’s obvious that removing the oil before it leaks will cost much less money than cleaning it up afterwards. When will we stop being reactive, and start becoming proactive?

While your headline was fitting, there is a much bigger “crude awakening” on the horizon that is largely being ignored in the mainstream media: Peak Oil. We are wasting precious time following the red herrings of blaming speculators or pushing for more drilling. Once people understand the real problem we face, then we can move towards effective solutions.

Soon, and definitely within our lifetimes, the world’s rate of oil production will reach a maximum, or peak, and enter into terminal decline. Because we use oil for almost everything in our civilization, especially our food, this is much more than just an annoyance at the pump.

And no, Colorado oil shale, Canadian tar sands, and the deep water off Brazil will not save us. We must stop living in denial and wake up to the fact that the days of cheap oil and endless growth are coming to an end.

This does not mean the end of the world, but a great chance for rebirth into re-localization and sustainability!

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