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The public should know more about grand jurors

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It's nearly impossible to find out who is representing the people on the grand jury. The only method I'm aware of is obtaining FPPC conflict of interest filings. By law, jurors are required to disclose property, income, and business interests.

This year, I obtained 17 filings (one juror failed to file). Not a single juror disclosed even one financial interest! Dubious, among 18 mostly retirees.

In fact, grand jurors committed perjury. Public business and property records indicate many jurors have multiple financial interests. I intend to file complaints against individual jurors if honest disclosures are not filed by the new year.

The grand jury purports to investigate and report on the rectitude of local government? They don't even confront the lawful responsibilities of their office ethically!

Furthermore, are there any Latinos or blacks on the jury? No. Does the jury represent a slice of each community? No. I don't have space for that here, but the public should know.

Kevin P. Rice - San Luis Obispo


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