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The real freedom takers



Ralph Bush (wrote the letter “SLO’s media is full of liberals” in the July 23 issue) claims the SLO County print media consist only of “liberal freedom takers,” who “never” print anything positive about “conservatives.”

His Romney-esque slur characterizing liberals as “freedom-takers” suggests he has fallen for the Orwellian tactics of the modern GOP, which wants us to believe black is white and up is down.

For example, to these new “conservatives,” those who uphold gays’ right to marry are not merely extending to our brothers and sisters the equal protection of the laws. Rather, they are infringing on the right of these “conservatives” to make the rest of us conform to their moral code even in matters that are none of their business. To the new “conservatives,” their own interests always trump (no pun intended) those of others.

REAL conservatives, like Bob Dole and Dwight Eisenhower, wore their country’s uniform and crossed oceans to fight against oppressors. These new “conservatives” ARE the oppressors, dancing to the Koch brothers’ tune and making life hell for millions of ordinary Americans who’ve lost their homes, their jobs, their futures, or all of the above. Lost to the recklessness or villainy of those who brand them, and those who stand up for them, as “takers,” knowing that a big enough lie, repeated often enough, may be accepted by many as the truth.

-- Dave Raleigh - San Luis Obispo

-- Dave Raleigh - San Luis Obispo

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