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The Republican Party leader isn't the moral high ground


John Donegan's Sept. 22 opinion ("Celebrity wisdom") rambled on about his claim of the less-than-moral celebrities influencing the American political environment with progressive direction.

Mr. Donegan failed to address the behavior and life of celebrity and Republican Party leader Donald J. Trump. Trump spent years seeking and placing himself within the eyes and ears of the public at political rallies, on the Howard Stern Show, numerous other shows, and on NBC's The Apprentice.

Trump—married three times, divorced twice, with numerous affairs—bragged in 1997 that his Vietnam War service was scoring with women without catching an STD and he's bragged on TV that he could grab any woman by the genitals because he was a star. With more that could be said, he's not an ideal morality leader.

In addition, Donegan was critical of CNN personalities but fails to address the short comings of Alex Jones, Rudy Giuliani, the late Rush Limbaugh, and Fox News and Newsmax pundits.

Buzz Kalkowski


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