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The United States must help bring peace to Israel

San Luis Obispo



We must protect Israel now more so than ever before. The Jewish people deserve the same freedoms that we do. The Obama administration must ensure that any new Egyptian government honors its peace treaty with Israel and continues its efforts to stop the smuggling of weapons into Gaza.

The United States must continue to work with our allies to expand and enforce sanctions against Iran, the largest state sponsor of terror. America’s Palestinian and Arab allies must be told that they should stop teaching their citizens, and especially their children, to hate Jews and Israel.

The administration must make clear it will veto Palestinian efforts in the United Nations to bypass Israel to create a Palestinian state through a unilateral declaration of independence. The administration should work to bring Palestinians back into peace negotiations with Israel and in which the parties can devise a solution to Jerusalem that will bring lasting peace.

Congress and the administration must work together to find creative ways to reduce dependency on foreign oil.

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