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These are your next four years


The voters don’t know what they have done by electing Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom. Most voters are too young or were not here or don’t remember what Brown, his family, and his cronies like Rose Bird did to this state.

Prepare yourself for the following: Destruction of Proposition 13, rampant crime with no executions, uncontrolled liberal Democratic taxation and spending, uncontrolled immigration causing extreme burdens on social services and education, no abortion rights, elevation of gay “rights” above given citizen rights, gay marriage and advancement of pedophile “rights,” continued overpayment of government employees, continued payment of outrageous pensions, support of union power and the oil industry, unemployment, and no action on global warming.

All of this will push California and the taxpayers over the impending brink into bankruptcy.

Jerry Greene

Arroyo Grande

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