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Think before you vote


The Tribune's March 13 editorial ("SLO County GOP's election strategy: Smear anyone 'linked' to the late Adam Hill") is very telling of the local GOP strategy: negativity, smears, lies, conspiracies, hate speech, character assassination, false accusations ... over improving the quality of life for SLO citizens and businesses. Is this what we want of our candidates?

The local GOP came right out with plans to run a dirty campaign. Republican Central Committee member Erik Gorhman said: "If you're going to run against an incumbent, it has to be a dirty fight." Is this what we want in our elections—doing anything to win, regardless of ethics?

They plan on using guilt by association. I ask them: If your friend or colleague breaks the law, does that make you guilty? Of course not! Voters of any party should not fall for such character assassination.

These negative campaign plans show a party attitude likely to carry over to other elections, if successful. Is this dirty politics what you want—Republicans, independents, and Democrats?

Those willing to serve our community are deserving of respect and thanks, regardless of party affiliation. We should elect candidates based on their plans for serving the needs of the public.

Residents of SLO County: Think before you vote!

Harvey R. Levenson

Pismo Beach

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