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Normal Mehl’s letter to the editor concerning Robert Sachs’ commentary was quite a bitter response for a winner. This is the kind of conservative that has been living on corporate welfare and the workers’ backs all his life and knows a Republican president will be able to supply more support for his lifestyle. It is hopeful that this kind of person is not in education.

Does anybody remember the blind sheik and his gang of merry idiots who were all in jail within a year of the first bombing of the Trade Center? When your major source for history is Karl Rove, perhaps you don’t. If you want to say, “Clinton didn’t even invade anybody,� then say that. Don’t parrot the party line that he did nothing. It’s simply not true.

Clinton went into Bosnia with a United Nations coalition, a gathering of civilized states determined to right a wrong. He never saw the world as a barfight where other people’s children fight for you. We were in, we were out. The United Nations handles the occupation.

The Republicans have notified their legions to begin letters to the editor with some form of the phrase “as a lifelong Democrat,� so congratulations to the letter writer for having the ingenuity to put it at the end of his missive. Perhaps now, after stating that no president “has had to deal with a major attack on U.S. soil since the Revolution,� he can study up on the War of 1812 and Pearl Harbor.

Kevin Stephens

San Luis Obispo

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