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This Iron Mayor will protect clean water



As one of the team of activist-residents who got this whole ball rolling back in 2004, I feel the need to chime in about the wastewater project, former city attorney, city manager, and the Iron Mayor of Morro Bay. As was the case in Los Osos, even with a heavily tampered election process (Los Osos had scare tactics, Morro Bay had a ridiculous primary process meant to stack the deck for the good ol’ boys), the people still spoke loud and clear.

Morro Bay residents had seen enough shenanigans and sewage dumping, and, as the saying goes, they “threw the bums out.” Well, now those bums are whining, and are pushing a recall that amounts to nothing more than sour grapes. The Iron Mayor understands his mandate from the people, the state, and the nation. Come into compliance with the Clean Water Act! Morro Bay, you are 40 years behind in reaching the secondary treatment level! There is no way to compromise with the laws that almost everybody else now complies with. And secondary treatment was the bare minimum required 40 years ago!

The ocean shore is no longer a suitable place for a wastewater treatment plant, and poorly treated sewage must no longer be dumped into the bay. Morro Bay is blessed with charms that will attract ecotourism dollars into the future, the Morro Bay City Council majority recognizes and wants to protect that, and the people are solidly behind clean water—and the Iron Mayor of Morro Bay.

-- Joey Racano - Ocean Outfall Group director

-- Joey Racano - Ocean Outfall Group director

-- Joey Racano - Director, Ocean Outfall Group

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