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This is our agenda

Los Osos



1) Housing: fair and affordable (mortgages and rents) that people can afford.

2) Jobs: a policy that creates jobs that will bring our civilization into the future (as the space program did); our infrastructure is in dire need of help—and stop sending our jobs overseas!

3) Taxes: Close the damn loopholes; the tax code is ridiculous; special interests can go to hell!

4) Corporations are not people and should not have the same rights as you and me.

5) Politicians: If you make a campaign promise, you better damn well keep it (i.e. transparency in government). If not, automatic impeachment. We are sick of hearing what we want to hear till you’re in office! Sign a contract, just like any other job!

6) Banks: Stop gambling with our money. Derivatives are not cash; separate commercial banks from investment banks.

7) Media: How about telling the truth, not the agenda you want us to hear? I’m sick of having to read between the lines to get the real meaning of what you’re saying (i.e. just because the unemployment figures went down 1,000 from last month is not good news when we still lost more than 400,000 jobs last week).

8) War: Haven’t we learned yet (i.e. Vietnam, Iraq)? We need to let other countries take care of themselves. That’s what the UN is for! We lost our manufacturing to other countries—all
we are good at making is guns, bombs, and drones.

9) Immigration: We have a policy; adhere to it. Our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents did—stop making exceptions! If we need to seal our borders, do so.

10) We have a constitution that made our country great. Stop taking our
rights away!


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