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Time to discuss issues like adults


Once in a while an issue arises that launches a volley of letters from the opposing factions of “Christians� and “Liberals.� Usually initiated by the former it ignites the latter, and so on. Inevitably, the Christian viewpoint is stated with malice, contempt, and posturing more akin to a school playground. Christians are fallible humans, with plenty of baggage and the worst of human traits. When these types are equated with Christianity, everyone loses, especially those driven away. I was one of those people for many years until I found that it is not Christians, but Christ that is the way. Don’t let George Bush, James Dobson, or whoever come between you and God. My apologies for any Christians that have pushed you away.

However, the truth can hurt. You may not agree, but honesty beats sugarcoating. Yet infantile confrontation has no place in it either.

And, please! To those who scream “hatred� at the first sign of disagreement, get some backbone! It’s insulting to all of us, it’s getting really old, and it slanders every word of free speech.

Mark Jansen


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