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Trump is a cancer on America


In response to the letter submitted to New Times by Bari St. James ("Trump needs to be held accountable," Aug. 10), I couldn't agree with you more! Donald Trump is a cancer to the United States of America. For three hours and seven minutes, this "so-called president" sat in front of the television watching the Jan. 6 insurrection. During this fiasco, threats to hang Vice President Mike Pence were made and televised! I often wonder, if such an act of murder had been carried out, would Trump have just continued sitting on his hands watching the television. Is this really the person we want to lead this country? If any of us "commoners" would ever do any of the things this man has done, we would be in jail by now, which is where he needs to be, if only to protect the future of this country.

T. Wood

Arroyo Grande

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