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Trump's response to coronavirus is propaganda


Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic indicates his incompetence. His lack of concern for the health and safety of Americans is startling. The president lacks normal human feelings such as empathy or concern for others. His response to this threat has been focused primarily on propaganda. Trump's goal has been to create the illusion that the virus is under control. He has not taken the necessary administrative steps to control or terminate the virus.

Medical experts have attempted to impress upon Trump the seriousness of the coronavirus, warning him of the threat to the global economy. His goal is to be re-elected and that depends, for the most part, on a vibrant economy.

Trump's disinformation campaign included lies and cover-ups. On Feb. 28, he claimed that only 15 Americans have contracted coronavirus, while the CDC placed that number at 64 and increasing. The president attempted to convince the American people that the country was not in peril.

Trump went further. He told his supporters in South Carolina that the coronavirus was a "a new hoax" that was propagated by the Democratic Party. Trump's propaganda tactics have failed. He has continued to place his self-interests above the good of the country.

Jim Huchthausen


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