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Turnabout is fair play



Dear editor, and to everyone complaining about the attempted end run around the 1001 rule:

Turnabout is fair play.

When you seek to end a legitimate use of the dunes, motorized recreation, by implementing an absurd rule that would attempt to monetize the sand and dust blown inland from the dunes, why do you act so surprised that the other side might also try an expedient tactic?

There are sand dunes. The wind blows. Sand blows inland. Duh.

Anyone who thinks that prohibiting or limiting vehicles from driving on the dunes will end the blowing sand is oblivious to that fact that the sand got blown there by the wind in the first place and it’s not going to stop blowing for any imaginary line on a map. Or maybe they haven’t read the evaluation of the particulate study issued by the California Geological Survey. Or maybe they are looking for any way they can find to end motorized recreation on the dunes.

I suppose that the vehicles could add to the amount of dust blown inland, but to blame vehicles for an amount that is even close to what Mother Nature produces is crazy. And comparing the areas where vehicles are allowed to the areas where there are no vehicles is unfair because the vehicles are not permitted to drive on any areas with vegetation. It’s the vegetation that reduces the amount of blowing sand. Imagine that: The plants that were introduced to stop the sand from blowing into town seem to stop the sand from blowing into town.

The heart of this matter is bigotry. Some people don’t want the type of people who enjoy driving off-road vehicles in their town.

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

-- Ian Tanner - San Luis Obispo

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