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Uncle Sam plays it again

Arroyo Grande



I am greatly disappointed in President Obama. The additional troops he’s called up won’t get rid of the terrorists. More of our soldiers will senselessly lose their lives and limbs. He undoubtedly is taking this position to he win reelection, because his doesn’t want to be known as being soft on terrorists, which is very, very sad. We know that the government of Afghanistan is corrupt: the UN declared the Hamid Karzai elections both times frauds.

In Vietnam, the U.S. supported corrupt leaders and in the end lost, after the senseless loss of hundreds of thousands lives, including 58,000 American troops, besides hundreds of thousands of wounded, including more than 150,000 American servicemen. Add to them who knows how many thousands of veterans with mental illnesses, many of them still lost, homeless souls camping and scrounging around the Central Coast today.

It at least should be a pay-as-you-go war, like WWII, so everyone feels some effect.

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