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Unions need to modernize and evolve




Most unions confronting a government entity are the only union for that group of public servants. Hence, they have a monopoly (or want a monopoly by enlisting all of the employees).

County government, on the other hand, is committed to purchasing goods and services from the lowest bidder to ensure no favoritism or wrongdoing. The outsourcing of services to the low bidder would satisfy the taxpayers’ concerns that fair and equitable purchasing has occurred.

Unions, however, offer only one source for employees. If county government could negotiate with at least two different unions offering their seasoned, well-trained workers to man the public service jobs, then the taxpayer could be assured that government was operating efficiently.

Unions no longer have to fight the fights of the 1890s; most workplace horrors of that time have been wiped out by law and public awareness. Unions should busy themselves with representing their workers in disputes, shielding them from financial catastrophes, and training their members to be able to offer the best workers to employers.

The way things are now, common sense does not prevail; the relationship between these entities has to modernize and evolve.

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