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Urge the governor to sign SB 840

San Luis Obispo



We can end the health-care crisis and California has the right plan do to it: SB 840 (Kuehl). A clear majority of California’s legislators approved it and a massive grass-roots movement is working hard to make sure the governor will sign it into law.

The governor may say this bill would result in socialized medicine, but our police and fire departments are socialized services, which means they provide services to society at large. The police do not check to see if the person calling for help has private insurance to pay for the service before they respond. The fire department responds to every call and not just those who have fire insurance. This is a bad thing?

Perhaps if our current privatized health care system is working so well we should privatize the police and fire departments? I don’t think so. Instead, let’s change health care to be more like the socialized services we have come to trust and rely on, such as our police and fire departments.

And need I mention that because “socialized medicine” is not-for-profit, unlike the current corrupt private for-profit health- care system, it would guarantee health care for all residents: full care, for all, for life, for less. SB 840 changes the current corrupt, exclusive, for-the-rich health care system.

Private insurance wastes a large portion of every health-care dollar on administration and corporate profits. Medicare costs just three percent to administer. SB 840 and single-payer are inevitable. The insurance and drug lobbies know that. And the governor knows it.

Only the governor has the power to truly lead California to real health-care reform! We urge the governor to sign SB 840, California’s Universal Health Care Act. By doing so, he would go down in history as the first governor in the country to sign a true universal health-care bill into law. SB 840 is the solution to our health-care crisis. Call or write Governor Schwarzenegger today and tell him to sign it!

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