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Vaping should be celebrated

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I have an idea of what we can do about e-cigs: Let's have a festival celebrating vaping!

There really never was the type of worldwide celebration that should have accompanied the invention. It should have been breathlessly reported by journalists. The president should have given a speech tearfully celebrating the great advance in human health. There should have been a national holiday with dancing in the streets!

Instead we have San Luis Obispo County tobacco control's Inger Appanaitis referring to vaping as "smoking" and "tobacco," even though neither is present in an e-cig. Perhaps gaining an understanding of the basics might be a start?

Pardon my strident tone, but as somebody who was addicted to tobacco for 30 years and finally got away from it via vaping—and no, they're not the same thing, not at all—the superstitious persecution of this miracle is annoying. Appanaitis should be spearheading a program to give free vape kits to smokers, not trying to ban them.

If a nonsmoker needs to know the difference I have a suggestion. Smoke a cigarette. After you finish vomiting from all the poisons you've just ingested, wait an hour and have a vape. And then go run around the block—because you'll still have the breath to do so.

Sean Sealy

San Luis Obispo


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