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Volunteer and contribute




I am a volunteer, cook, and server at the People’s Kitchen in Grover Beach.  Once a month I try to come up with something yummy for those who come.  My husband calls it a soup kitchen, which was what it would have been called in the Depression because that was the basis of feeding those who had not: soup. Anything you could bring went into the pot for soup, and they came and they ate and were full for another day. Today we are a bit more fortunate. We have more for the pot. The people who “have” take the time and energy and thought to put all we can into the pot.  It is not soup anymore but the best that we can create on a daily basis.  


We (I) think about the hungry every day.  I see them on the street corners with signs.  We sometimes say to ourselves, ‘Well, he or she has on nice clothes, why are they begging for money?’ I realized I had to look behind the scene.  These are very hard times right now and everyone is feeling the pinch.  We must give. It is Christmas. Give a dime, give a dollar, give your time: Don’t turn your back, you won’t believe how good it makes you feel.  That is the best present to give to others and yourself. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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