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Vote for Andy and Aaron



San Luis Obispo is a place I call home, a community I want to invest in, and the future for my family. Finding quality jobs and affordable housing options continue to be a barrier for young professionals like me. Aaron Gomez and Andy Pease, candidates for the San Luis Obispo City Council, understand these challenges and have the best plans that create a community that I believe in. Mila Vujovich-La Barre has claimed to support affordable housing, yet she seems to oppose every actual plan that would create homes for my wife and me. 

I support smart growth. The city’s general plan puts forth a 1 percent growth per year and yet we are growing far slower than that, closer to .38 percent a year. Mila still thinks we are growing too fast! With so many working professionals in SLO, we deserve to have the option to live in this beautiful city we are already investing in. Andy Pease is an experienced green architect, and local business owner Aaron Gomez has been a vocal advocate and speaks with experience on the housing crisis. Both understand how pro-environmental development is necessary to preserve open space, and they deserve our support on Election Day.

-- Dale Stoker - San Luis Obispo

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