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Vote for Prop. 8

Morro Bay



My family and I urge you to vote yes on Proposition 8, marriage only between man and woman, the reason being that otherwise our moral values will certainly deteriorate and lead to intolerable consequences. Our moral codes come from religious principles handed down in the bibles of most faiths. None of these codes sanction homosexual conduct, such as same-sex marriage wherein a man places his privates up another man’s rear end or a woman straps on a male replica and jumps on another woman.

Failure to pass Proposition 8 will mean this way of life will be taught to our children in school as acceptable conduct. Unless the trend to moralize our liberal codes is reversed, we will also have to legalize polyandry, wherein a woman may have more than one husband, and polygamy, wherein a man can have more than one wife, all in order not to violate the equal protection clause of the California State Constitution. This same clause is the basis for the State Supreme Court’s ruling that Proposition 22 was illegal and that same-sex marriage is now legal.

Reiterating, most of our laws are based on religious, moral doctrine. When these are sidestepped, as our court did in the gay-marriage issue, then our society as we know it will ultimately get flushed down the drain, just like what happened to the Roman Empire. Kaput! Down the road, prostitution, euphoric drugs, sex exhibitionism, and more will become legal. To stop this from happening and reverse the liberal trend, vote yes on Proposition 8!

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