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Vote for Proposition 4

Arroyo Grande



Here are a few things parents need to give their consent for:

To get a piercing

To get a tattoo

To open a bank account at some banks

To see an R-rated movie—children younger than 17 require an accompanying parent, adult, or guardian

To be transported on a school field trip

To get an aspirin from a school nurse.

But according to the California Educational Code Section 46010.1, school authorities may excuse students in grades 7 through 12 from school for the purpose of obtaining confidential medical services.

Yes, there are things our children are going to do that they hope their parents may not ever find out about, but having an abortion is a serious surgical procedure that, in most cases, ends one human heart beating and may lead to strong emotional and sometimes physical repercussions.

Who is going to protect the underage girl from the adult man having sex with her? The abortion providers secure jobs by having repeat clients. They have money to lose if there are any restrictions on abortion. Vote YES on Proposition 4: Let parents be parents.

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