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Vote for Vicki Nohrden in November

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In his opinion piece "It's time to change the world," (March 5) retiring state Sen. Bill Monning (D-Carmel) illuminates the need for more women in leadership, offering the perfect prelude for promoting a woman to fill his seat this November. Vicki Nohrden is a mother and grandmother who knows from personal experience the hopes, dreams, and struggles that come with the territory. She has tremendous compassion for homeless families and children, and will put her sharp mind, tenacious energy, and gracious manner to work creating real solutions to California's growing homeless crisis, which has eluded the current crop of Sacramento insiders, including Sen. Monning.

While Vicki will bring a fresh perspective to our Legislature as it wrestles with such complicated and intractable problems, she firmly believes that government should steer clear of unnecessary interference in the personal affairs of the family. For Vicki, it's parents, not politicians, who should be in the driver's seat when it comes to making decisions for a child's education and medical care.

As Sen. Monning said, we need change. Electing Vicki will be one big step toward that change. Learn more about Vicki's campaign to be your representative at vicki4senate.com

Nicole Dorfman

Morro Bay


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