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Vote no on A and B; vote yes for fairness

San Luis Obispo



The Shredder is dense. It says in olden days “passersby flung rotten food and often excrement in a cruel, filthy display of collective scorn” at firemen in stocks, then suggests nothing like that could ever happen in happytown USA (“Good ol’ fashioned S&M,” Aug. 4).

Wrong. That’s a good description of the Princeton/Stanford elitist City Council brats flinging verbal merde at city hall working people. Read their nasty ballot arguments, and note their “facts” and “reasons” are hypotheticals based on “if” and “maybe.” While the brats claim police and firemen suck the city dry, the council continues excessive pay and benefits for people whose pay and benefits it controls directly, like city manager Lichtig, who costs taxpayers more than $310,000 per year, including more than $60,000 for retirement and $5,000 for using her car! Hypocrisy!

The city has 10 executives, nine of whom cost the city more than $200,000 each per year! Damn firemen are bleeding us dry.

Measures A and B are part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s class warfare against working people. This class attack was cooked up by Chamber types. It helps bidness to keep public wages and pensions down so there’s no model for something better. Today it’s police and firemen, tomorrow teachers, day after all of us. So let’s resentfully push each other to the bottom to assuage our anger at Wall Street crooks, who are still doing quite well.

Don’t be fooled. A and B aren’t what they’re claimed to be; they are unnecessary; they are class warfare. Vote for fairness and decency. Vote no on both of them.

-- Richard Schmidt - San Luis Obispo

-- Richard Schmidt - San Luis Obispo

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