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Vote NO on Proposition 16

Grover Beach



Proposition 16 is total rubbish, a disgrace to the democratic process. PG&E is sponsoring the proposition to prevent municipalities from getting into the energy business to compete with the company. It would require a two-thirds vote by municipal residents to approve funding for local public power projects, which we all know would be the kiss of death. PG&E has spent tens of millions of ratepayers’ dollars to advertise this rip-off on television. A two-thirds vote requirement is the reason we can’t get a budget on schedule from Sacramento and would essentially take away our right to vote for public power systems. What would be next, municipalities unable to establish or expand police and fire departments without a two-thirds vote?

 This is a proposition to protect a PG&E monopoly, to prevent public entities from providing power more efficiently and at lower expense. Vote NO on this turkey, please!

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