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Vote the Pismo bums out



I have already decided how I am going to vote in next year’s election for Pismo Beach City Council. The current council (Shelly Higginbotham, Mary Ann Reiss, and Kris Vardas) stands for massive development, less potable water for everyone, more taxes and fees, more traffic, and dirty air. They are nice people, but I do not share their values.

I am opposed to large developments in Price Canyon; I don’t want just another “Little L.A.” I am opposed to continuing increases in sewer and water rates just to enhance future development. I am opposed to conversion and re-zoning of open space to residential development. I am opposed to obtaining federal and state monies under misleading applications (Bello Street bridge, tertiary water treatment). I am opposed to giving more money (sales tax, parking fees, increased sewer and water charges, which exceed projected cost of living increases) to the same people who see a different future for Pismo than I do; I am not a money-vending machine.

I am for anyone who wants to enhance and protect the quality of life we all enjoy here on the Central Coast. We need a change.

-- Richard Foster - Pismo Beach

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