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Vote to support education



As a parent, my first thought when it comes to voting for my representative is education. I need to know that my children are in good hands when I’m not with them, and that the people I help send to the Capitol care about their chances in school as well as their ability to get a job later in life.

This is why I’m voting for Jordan Cunningham. I’ve seen firsthand how much work he puts into making sure our kids grow up in an environment that supports success. He is a school board member who works to make sure that parents’ investments are paying off. He also volunteers as a coach, helping to make sure kids are active and motivated, while teaching them the values of competition and sportsmanship.

With all the problems in the state, I have no reservations about sending Jordan Cunningham, a father of four and proven leader for this community, to Sacramento. I know that no matter what problems come up, he will always keep his focus on how those laws are going to affect our children.

-- Pam Estes - Paso Robles

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