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Vote with your forward-thinking wallet


Assemblymember Jordan Cunningham (R-San Luis Obispo) authored AB 2898 in a last-ditch effort to extend the life of dirty Diablo Canyon Power Plant. This bill foolishly seeks to reclassify nuclear energy as a renewable resource. Not only is nuclear power by definition not renewable because the world's supply of uranium is limited—but it's also dirty, dangerous, and expensive. The Diablo facility is currently operating by ratepayer subsidy at $1.2 billion over market costs. Pacific Gas & Electric Company has made the decision to shutter the plant because it is not economically feasible to continue operation.

Mr. Cunningham's bill shows that he is uninformed about the economics and science of nuclear energy. He also demonstrates backward thinking in his ideas of future energy planning. While the rest of the world looks forward to truly clean, safe, sustainable, and economical energy sources, Jordan Cunningham is looking to the past failed energy solutions.

When voting in November, choose a candidate who is innovative and forward-thinking—someone who will protect both our environment and our wallets.

Jill ZamEk

Arroyo Grande

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