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Vote "YES" only for Proposition 1B

Santa Margarita



I call upon all citizens with any sense of the common good to vote “NO” on the propositions on May 19. The only one of value is 1B; the rest are mere band-aids, borrowing, and burrowing our heads in the sand. We must get out of this borrowing-and-bust cycle.

My solution is twofold: vote “NO” on the propositions and then tell your state legislators we must lower the threshold to pass a budget and must close tax loopholes. The 2/3 majority to pass a budget allows a small group to make unreasonable demands while holding our paychecks hostage. Likewise, if we close the billions of dollars of tax loopholes that corporations and the richest Californians enjoy and funnel that money into education, job creation, and health care, we will once again have a state we can be proud of.

Vote “NO” on the propositions (except for 1B). Tell your state legislators it is time to get serious about economic reform.

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