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Want to restore trust? Solve the Smart case




Hopefully one of Sheriff Ian Parkinson’s first acts to “restore your trust in our sheriff’s department” (“Thanks for voting me the badge,” Nov. 18) will be finding Kristin Smart and convicting her killer.

It’s almost 15 years of pain for her family, while the only suspect walks the streets in SLO.

One suspect, mounds of circumstantial evidence, continuous tips that no one seems to follow, and no arrest. Recently, the murderer of Chandra Levy was convicted with circumstantial evidence and zero DNA.

We pray Sheriff Parkinson will use his voice in the media and remind anyone who has heard anything to come forward.

Plaster Kristin’s picture all over SLO and across California.

Don’t scare witnesses, encourage them, thank them, and follow up—the evidence is there!

Sheriff Parkinson, convicting this murderer and finding Kristin’s remains, so her family knows where their daughter’s bones are buried? That would restore confidence in your office and help residents of SLO feel safe. Commit your resources. Solve this crime.

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