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We are SLO-fortunate



Wow! GALA and the annual SLO Pride celebrated equality and justice for all this past weekend, and it was awesome to witness. People of all ages and persuasions joined in the festivities, and all sides of the conversation were represented. I am often impressed, as we all are, with the many virtues that help define San Luis Obispo ... and often think about writing a letter to the editor. After this weekend’s event, I was so heartened that I feel compelled to shout it out. We live here! Everything worked this weekend: the info booths, the artistic creativity, the camaraderie, the music, and—of course—the weather. As a hetero-woman who supports and advocates for all expressions of love and humanity, I am proud and humbled to live in a country that acknowledges and honors diversity (God Bless America!) and in a community that embraces it. We are SLO-fortunate!

-- Joanie Virgil - Shell Beach

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