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We can't step over this problem

San Luis Obispo



I was recently mortified to read about a homeless man being arrested, but was deeply saddened when I read he had witnessed the rape and murder of his family in Africa. I am certain this man's mind must have shattered witnessing such brutality. But to end up homeless and wandering the streets, only to have no one care: That is the real tragedy.

I want SLO not to be the happiest city; I want it to be the most compassionate city. I want leaders who recognize these are not just "bums," but real people, people who suffer. That all people matter, for they do.

I want leaders who have compassion and solutions. I want Matt Strzepek for city council. I spoke to Matt on the phone about my concerns. He was easy to talk to, open, and candid. He has my vote. I truly believe the homeless problem it not just something we can step over on the sidewalk and ignore. We must elect leaders who care, and who will work hard to unite people as they work toward a viable solution. Matt is that leader.

-- Peggy Genoway - San Luis Obispo

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